When I have to tell you something about my Artwork, my Ladies or Garden Ladies, all the Clay Woman I gave birth, then there is one main reason what always gives me motivation and imagination to stay working:

The Female Strength and Attitudes, they show us the world,
in any situation, any way and any age.

Why I have chosen to work in clay and not in oil for example, I mean 3-dimensional instead of 2 – dimensional is because I want to walk round my work, I want to see several sides and not one that you turn around and you have nothing, only an empty back site.
My first exhibition was in Ermelo, in 1978, a little village on the Veluwe and later all over The Netherlands:
Maastricht, Rotterdam, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, Middelburg, Workum, Hellvoetsluis, Roermand, Antwerpen and many other places, some Galleries once in two years. Sometimes there are orders, one of them was to create and make an Award, another was a statue of a son who died in an cycle accident.

With all regards,
Ada Andreae-Helder.